Karol Caires

Sales Assistant to Anthony Sorace - Licenced Agent

About me

Karol, a licenced agent with extensive experience in the real estate industry, brings a wealth of expertise to the A-List Property Group. Throughout her career, she has worked in diverse roles including administration, property management, and sales.

Renowned for her proactive approach, Karol is recognised for her unwavering dedication, friendly demeanour, and positive attitude in every business relationship. She maintains an open and honest communication style with her clients, consistently going "above and beyond" to provide exceptional service.

Karol's warm and caring nature fosters genuine and enduring connections with all her clients. She takes pride in being readily available and offers a highly personalized service, ensuring her clients are always well-informed.

Drawing from her background in customer service, beauty, and management, Karol demonstrates a relentless commitment to her clients, always prioritizing optimal customer satisfaction.

Her enthusiasm, positive attitude, unwavering support, and diligent work ethic align seamlessly with the A-List team. Her colleagues admire her professionalism, strong work ethic, and her ability to take charge of any challenges that may arise.