Landlord Services


A-List Property Group can assist you with all your property management needs. We are professional in our demeanour, and we stride to achieve the maximum return, whilst having exceptional tenants in your property, to ensure your investment is well cared for. Our team is highly motivated to get the maximum return, and reduce vacancies, we do this by keeping both parties happy with our friendly and upbeat attitude. Once you have entrusted our office to manage your property, you will be exclusively authorising A-List Property Group to act on your behalf and appoint an experienced Property Manager, who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of your investment and tenancy.


Your Property Manager will provide a range of personalised services that includes:

  • Professionally screening and selecting tenants
  • Providing advice on landlord and tenants rights and obligations
  • Managing income funds by receiving rents, issuing receipts and organising payments of accounts such as water services, strata levies and council rates
  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance to the property
  • Processing any insurance claims that may arise
  • Exercising landlord and tenants rights to terminate leases
  • Reletting the property at the end of each tenancy in the event of a vacancy
  • Acting on matters as directed by landlords
  • Professionally and accurately reporting on the condition of the property at the ingoing of a new tenancy, during the tenancy and at the end of a tenancy.

When your property is listed on the market, we expose your property to a diverse range of prospective tenants by using extensive marketing techniques including online advertisement, our comprehensive database, social media, prominent property signage and conducting open for inspections/private inspections.

Prior to the completion of a tenancy application, it is a requirement that all prospective tenants must inspect the property. To consider an application from a prospective tenant for your property, we ensure all necessary documentation and criteria are submitted as this assists our office in ensuring we are presenting you with quality tenants to consider for a tenancy. Our selection process includes 100-point identification checks, checking employment details, income and obtaining references from current and previous agents/landlords.

Once a tenancy is approved, we recommend that you take out a landlord protection insurance policy to cover you against loss of rent and tenant damage.



Our priority is to keep you informed on what is happening in regards to your investment property. Whether it be a repair, rent review, inspection or any other matter. We are ALWAYS available to you and encourage you to call anytime to ensure your peace of mind.


Inspections are vital to your investment property to ensure the comfort and longevity of your tenants. As part of our professional service to you, we conduct routine inspections to ensure the property is being kept in a clean/tidy matter and to discuss any maintenance issues with your tenants.

Rent Reviews

As a preference to you we conduct regular rental reviews with all of our properties. Due to the rental market constantly changing, we have many occasions where we feel that an investment property can get a higher return.


A-List Property Group deal with any disputes with your tenant in professionalism to reduce tribunal appearances. We will always do our best to come to an agreement before having to make an application to the tribunal. If however any disputes do continue through to the tribunal, A-List Property Group will provide expert advice and representation to give you peace of mind.


  • 24 hours 7 days a week service
  • Experienced Property Management Team
  • Extremely high level of service
  • A rental assessment is professionally prepared to provide you with an accurate and achievable identification of expected rental per month.
  • Ongoing reporting in regards to your property.
  • In depth tenant screening including; credit checks, reference checks and referencing with the National Tenancies Database, plus your decision is final
  • Ingoing photos to monitor the condition of your property
  • Electronic transfer of funds to your bank account fortnightly or monthly
  • Ongoing liaisons with tenants to ensure the property's condition is maintained and that financial commitments are met
  • Routine inspection conducted after 3 months when new tenants move in. Then every 6 months thereafter to ensure your peace of mind
  • A highly detailed Ingoing Property Condition Report
  • Appropriate documentation prepared for tenancy and supervised when signing,
  • The Rental Agreement, Condition report, Bond lodgement form, special conditions
  • Rent collection, receipting and maintaining accurate account ledgers
  • The lodgement and claim (after vacating) of the tenant’s bond
  • A highly detailed Outgoing Property Condition Report
  • Arranging any necessary repairs and or cleaning after the tenants vacate
  • Yearly rent reviews (where applicable)
  • Organising repairs and maintenance to your property
  • Payment of all your property outgoings (if requested)
  • Arrears control
  • Lease renewals
  • Insurance claims
  • Residential Tenancies Tribunal Attendance


  • Remove all stress from the Landlord
  • Keep rent levels up to current market
  • Find tenant and process applications including conducting checks of employment and previous rental history
  • Ensure that rent conditions give landlord maximum benefits and returns
  • Conduct thorough routine inspections of occupied premises
  • Compile arrears list daily and follow up tenant until money is either received or serve termination
  • Show properties to prospective tenants, prepare and sign the tenancy agreement for new tenants
  • Ensure vacancies are in top condition to assist in obtaining the highest possible rental within the shortest time frame possible
  • Handling all problems associated with tenancy including maintenance/tradesman, insurance claims, unhappy tenants, unsatisfactory routine inspections etc.
  • Paying of all outgoings and approving of accounts before payment
  • Checking vacating tenants, taking possession of property, collecting keys, inspecting for damage and general condition. Making necessary deductions from the bond
  • Authorising and supervising all repairs and maintenance unless advised otherwise
  • Checking and approving all repairs and maintenance accounts received
  • Setting of all rents receivable each time a property is ready for re-renting. Rentals must keep abreast of increased outgoings.


  • Decide to rent your property
  • Appoint an agent
  • Determine rental price and marketing strategies
  • Advertise and conduct open for inspections
  • Applications Processed and Applicant approved
  • Condition Report done, Residential tenancy agreement signed, Bond money paid and keys handed over
  • Tenants move in
  • Routine inspections conducted
  • Maintenance and repairs are attended to throughout the tenancy
  • Tenant renews lease for a further fixed term or tenant gives notice to vacate