Selling Tips with A-List Property Group


Selling a property can be a stressful time for many and it does come with some major responsibilities for you as the seller, especially when it’s one of your most valuable assets.


Knowing your properties true value is very important as the value can change almost instantly.

Having your local A-List Property Group agent provide all comparable sales for the last 6 months will inform you with all the necessary information about the current market conditions and factual reasons for why properties sell for the price they do. For example, the location, access to amenities, block size, age of the home, amount bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, garaging etc

We certainly encourage you to attend as many open homes and auctions within your area as possible, knowing your competition (other properties on the market) and their sale prices will educate you on what your Property’s True Value is.


There are several ways to sell your home and you need to know the options that best suit you and the current market conditions.

Some of these sales methods include Private treaty, Auctions and Expressions of interest. All of these methods have pros and cons and it’s our job to talk you through each one, so you can decide on which method is the best for you and your property.

Our expertise and professional advice will help generate more enquiry and maximize the sale price of your property as we have successfully worked with each method.


Generally, the total sale process can take between 2-3 months, however this depends on the type pf property you have and also the method of sale you choose, along with the pricing, presentation and marketing of the property.

By choosing the right real estate agent and being aware of the fundamentals involved in a successful sale, you can make proactive choices to streamline the process and our experienced agents at A-List Property Group will recommend their professional method and process to get you sold within a short period of time.


Choosing the right real estate agent is a vital part of the selling process and is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Having someone that is approachable and trustworthy with intimate local knowledge of the market, along with strong negotiation skills and great service will truly offer vendors an advantage to achieving a premium result.


First impressions always count, potential buyers will often form a strong opinion of your home before they reach the front door, so it’s essential that your façade, gardens and lawns are well presented.

Aim for your property to look like a display home during the selling process. Potential purchasers like to see plenty of light and space, we recommend decluttering as the home will be judged based on the presentation, condition, style, functionality and price.

Attend to all maintenance and repairs you may have throughout the property as this can make all the difference between a good price and a premium price.


Marketing is a fundamental part of the sale of your property. At A-List Property Group, we market your property strategically in order to reach the highest variety of buyers, which in turn will generate more enquiry, create more competition and then lead to the sale of your property for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

We can assist you with great marketing and advertising for your property, such as professional styling, photography, Internet advertising on the leading real estate websites, videography, virtual floor plans, drone footage, photo sign boards, colour brochures, letterbox drops, press advertising and social media.


During the marketing campaign our team at A-List Property Group will manage all aspects of the selling process. We will liaise with the solicitors, photographers, professional stylists, building inspectors and buyers to make the selling process as smooth as possible for you the Vendor.

We will be in contact with you regularly throughout the campaign to provide valuable updates on activity, offers and feedback from the market.

After each open home, you will be contacted and notified of the number of groups that have inspected along with their feedback.

Each week you will receive a Vendor report emailed along with the Real estate website statistics which will indicated the exact feedback from each buyer who inspected and if they have any further interest.


The team at A-List Property Group passionately believe Real Estate is not just about property, it is about people, and we judge our success on the satisfaction of our clients. Our focus is on building relationships and truly listening to better understand your needs so we can provide a better service that suits you.

Should we earn the opportunity to look after you, we will treat you with respect, we will ask questions, listen closely to you, and always focus on achieving the best possible result for you. We will always keep you informed with regular feedback and weekly vendor reports.

As your Sales Agent, we promise to always act in your best interests. We will make constructive recommendations on how to achieve the highest possible price and always give you accurate and honest feedback from all buyers who view/enquire your property. We will also promise to be available in person or over the phone with you, wherever possible, to maintain a successful working relationship.